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Kenya doomed by ethnic politics in the 21st Century

Tanzanian founding father, Mwalimu Julius Kabarage Nyerere had warned Kenyans against ethnic politics. Nobody took him serious. He was branded a noise maker. He cautioned Kenya against capitalism, and he was branded a socialist. Jomo Kenyatta parted ways with Nyerere due to ideologies of the time, now Kenyans can testify that Nyerere was right when he branded Kenya a man eats man society. Today Kenyans are reaping from tribal politics cultivated by its founding fathers. Still politicians can refer to their ethnic groups as “watu wangu” meaning my ethnic group. Such terminologies are frequently used by political elites even in public rallies without care. Tribalism is a cancer for the nation. A divided nation shall not stand and leaders must mind their language especially when addressing the public. It is not a quesiton of hate crime that will save the nation. It is in the making of the nation. Kenyans must shun tribal politics and stop any tendency to discriminate others on tribal basis.
Party politics should be seen as a hiding place for ethnic based politics. Neither should national leadership be seen in terms of ethnicity. A leader should be judged by his capacity to stand for the common good and morality of the state. A leader is the one that unites and not that who divides and discriminates.
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