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Making greater things looker simpler

The first visit of the President of the United States of America is not a a trivial thing. I would not look at His Excellency of the USA just as the son of a Kenyan father but, the President of the United States of America. He is a world leader whose presence in Kenya is beyond and above the village of K’ogelo. I am not, therefore, surprised that the USA ambassador to Kenya reiterated that the forthcoming visit of the President may not include the visit to the remote village in Siaya. This time round, I do agree with this protocol and high level diplomacy. In this blog I am interested more in the way sometimes people take everything to be simple and trivial.
Any Head of state or government is in charge of greater things and his visit to his family members should be treated as a private and with high level of confidentiality. For instance, even in Kenya, the president should not be reduced to a community, an ethnic group, a tribe, a political party (Chama), or even, to an alliance of parties. For instance, when His Excellency President Uhuru visits his village in Gatundu, he is not doing it as an official visit but personal family affairs that should be confidential. He is the Head of state, meaning, his words, speech, decision, and actions or inactions, will affect every citizen. The President of the USA is elected by the American people and he is number one world leader whose mandate is to serve the people of America and the World at large. A part from his tight schedule, we must also admit, that it would not fit in this official visit to include K’Ogelo village. He is here for the Global Summit of Entrepreneurs, an event, that will see many international personalities in the country.
Dealing with such greater issues such as discussing democracy and reducing corruption, is already an important contribution to Kenya. K’Ogelo community, of course is right to have a sentiment of disappointment. But it is just a question of understanding the nature of the visit and the busy schedule of the President.
Greater problems must be given greater attention. It is in this sense many African leaders must understand their roles and duties in office. A leader is one who is concerned with every problem that may affect the people, the world and the humanity at large. It is not a family matter. It is not a question of private visit and unofficial visit. I agree that someone may be disappointed by this announcement. I plead with you to receive and welcome the President of the mightiest state on earth with great respect and joy. Kenya has been honoured by many greater things. May God Bless Kenya and her people.

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