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Trump phobia genuine…!

For those who are conversant with world history such personalities as Mr. Donald Trump should not scare anyone at all. The society is full of such people who are extremists and think against the current. Trump is just reminding us of the obvious. Never in one time will humans think and act in the same way. This is the democracy we proclaim. Even the insane and the mad guys have their own story to tell. Even Osama Bin Laden came, did what he believed as right and departed. Even Adolf Hitler came and campaigned on what he believed was the solution for humanity and departed. What is certain is that the 21st Century is different from the 19th Century. Even if many people can support any crazy ideology, the general opinion has understood what is right and ought to be done. Taking the world to another war will be a far fetched imagination though possible. Humans are worried and scared of even worse phenomena such as climate change, global warming, terrorism, hunger, diseases, nuclear threat, more than such leaders with scrupulous ideologies.
Should Trump win the White House come next General Elections in the USA he will not certainly think and act alone. I doubt if the USA can bend that low. Any President of the USA works in a team including security agencies such as CIA and FBI that may not tolerate certain acts and decisions that may threaten the security of the Americans.
Trump proclaimed that American dream is dead and his presidency will revive it. The question is, what does he mean by the American dream? Second, how will he revive it? Who killed it? It is even great to understand that no person is absolute. We are all mortals. Trump will do his part and leave way for others if he wins but he will not be permanent nor will he be free to do whatever he wishes. In politics, all is possible. He can make his claims to attract the audience but it is gonna not be easy to apply such policies. Never fear the mortals but fear God.
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  1. Donald Trump has empty politics which makes unnecessary noise

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