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Undermining the significance of climate impacts

In December 2015, the world celebrated the adoption of Paris Agreement in the city of Paris. Kenya was one of the international negotiators at the Conference of Parties. It also went in record that Kenya came up with Climate Act in 2016 establishing climate council that is supposed to be chaired by the President. It also created a secretariat to coordinate the activities of the council. Kenya also went in record as one of the first states to come up with her Intended National Determined Contribution as provided for in the Paris Agreement.

Paradoxically, nothing substantive has ever happened by 2017. Now it is right to ask if it was just business as usual or the government was really serious about its promise tot he world? It appears that funds become the major hurdles in such global negotiations and Kenya was very smart to make a quick move in view of the climate fund, or 1 billion US dollars pledged by the wealth nations to support poor nations in dealing with mitigation and adaptation.

Such kind of paradox is what makes Africa lag behind or trail behind other civilizations when it comes to dealing effectively with the impacts of climate change. However, scientists keep on warning us through the IPCC that the situation shall get worse by 2050. Disasters are yet to be experienced and Africa might be the first casualty in all this humanitarian disaster. Are African leaders very serious about climate change?

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