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The quality of education is wanting

Many African states have now over with decolonization and making of the constitutions. What is it that Africa is still missing? It is the time now to address the quality of “education”. How are we educating our children? Do we really prepare students today for life tomorrow? There are so many gaps in our education system. One of the most conspicuous gaps is the cultural gap.
Now the Western books are inflating our markets. African researchers are becoming redundant while America is pumping in their books. Streets of Nairobi are now full of very cheap books from USA and GB. None of them has African authors, lets face the truth. What does this tell you? Are we still independent in our thinking?
When I speak about cultural gap I intend to address what I would call stagnant way of life… we stopped thinking long time ago. Someone else is thinking for us. To prove this allegation and claim, listen, who is behind the technology of your mobile phone? Who is designing your car? Who is designing your dream home? Who is designing for you your faith? Certainly, it is not you! Our life today is dictated by some external forces… we are turned into a puppet of the Western ideas and thoughts.
African universities are paying the price. No more great researchers and there is failure to come up with original ideas. Whom can we blame for this mess? I know you would say globalization. But who is behind the globalization? Never be cheated. Your life is no longer yours. Someone else is responsible. Economic giants and great brains of globalization are known. World Bank, IMF, and other monetary institutions are behind what we know today as globalization. A globalized world is the same to oppression. There is neo-colonization and Africa is yet to pay the price even for this.
It is the right time for African democracies to review their curricula and re-invent the education systems. African Education System must reflect African values, ideas, insights and views about the world. It will not work for Africa if we keep on relying on the Western ideologies and we claim that African solution for African problems. Where are those solutions or we are just blackmailing the donors? African leaders always gather in Addis Abeba to shout against the ICC and other world institutions but they have no solution at all.
Education systems in Africa are still worrying. There is nothing African in most of the adopted curricula. Ask me to explain more about this.
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