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Vetting and not vetting can make a difference…!

Vetting has become a common terminology in the Kenya’s administrative system. Why was vetting imposed on state officers? It is not a nice term for any human being. It is intimidating and it threatens human conscience. However, vetting has brought about some sanity in the Kenya’s system. The vetting board is composed of professionals with experience and good moral reputation that can carry out questions on practical ethical issues concerning a public officer. Such questions include personal conduct, behaviour, temper and moral aptitude to hold a public office. It is different from job interview since it is more personal and fact based.

Some public officers lack moral capacity, emotional quotient as well as temperament to hold a public office. Such persons can be turned down and lose the office. The reason behind the vetting is to improve service delivery and to ensure that public officers reflect the face of administrative justice.

Administrators in the public sector are known to be the cause of the failure in the public administration world wide. Civil servants can derail the government operations and cause mayhem in the entire public administration if not well regulated by some legal framework. If allowed to operate at will, civil servants are the most terrible type of human beings. They may do anything within their powers to ensure that they frustrate the operations of the government. They are also the agents of corruption. They accept tips and anything that would satisfy their personal ego such as ethnical biases. They also hold political ideologies of their own choice that may influence their services to the public.

Something got to be changed. Administration must be separated from politics. It must be purely professional and objective in order to be what it ought to be. Most African countries still lag behind this way of understanding the public administration. Rwanda has changed the face of administration by ensuring that civil servants respond to the professionalism and code of conduct required. This has made Rwanda stand tall among its counterparts in the region. It is the quality of leadership and Mr. Kagame has proved to be strict about corruption. This has made him enjoy some portion of public preference as a leader. He is known not to be corrupt but principled and strict with the public administration. This is what has made Rwanda what it is in terms of civil service.

Thanks for your rectitude and dedicated leadership to serve the people and make the nation what it ought to be!

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