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Putin’s interest in Syria is beyond restoring sanity

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria may only have a long-term solution through supporting the existing governments despite political differences. The government of Damascus may not be friendly but the existence of terrorists is even worse. USA failed Iraq by attacking Saddam Hussein in search for non existent Weapons of Mass Destruction. Libya was attacked with the aim to get rid of Gaddafi. The approach of Putin to support the notorious government as the first strategy to get to political stability is the right thing to do. Terrorists can only be fought by having strong and stable government. Regime change must have strategy that is not after weakening the government and strengthening the rebels. This is a mistake.
Russia has also committed its serious mistakes in striking the integrity of Turkey and this may not be easily forgiven. However, any war has never been good and fair. Even the USA has committed its own errors in its attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan. There must be change of approach to fighting terrorism in the world. But any attempt to do it by weakening an existing government is the worst thing to do. Still the world is grappling with terrorists everywhere and the change of strategy by Putin may be one of the viable ones.
It is my prayer that USA can yield and join Russia its military campaign…then speak of regime change after dealing with wrong guys – the ISIL. There is a time that a superpower must accept other ideas and allow the world to look for lasting peace and security.
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