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Why Many Jobless Youth Follow Politicians – Kenya Reality

It is a reality that many jobless youth are lured by cunning politicians.
If we say that our nation is great we must think of the human capital. Kenya’s population is growing very fast and the number of the youth is doubling every decade. Having this great number of strong and energetic men and women is a great potential for the future of the nation. Unfortunately, the youth are wasted. Some are found in the streets of big cities sniffing their gum and chewing miraa. This is a sign of desperation and failure of the nation to make good and profitable use of them. Their energy is wasted. A nation that does not bother about its human resources cannot plan for a better future any soon. Not possible! A nation must cherish continuity and how to pass the mantle to the next generation. No human is immortal. All are mortal. Leaders must nurture the youth and empower women as well. Street children should be turned into resourceful persons other than sending them to the use of drugs and substances. It is a pity that so many nice boys and girls are wasted because the society has no room for them. No strategic plan for them. If anything sometimes the government shoots them just as wild animals. This is shocking as our politicians never talk about the abandoned children.
God forbids but how about if such wasted youth may be turned into a time bomb? How about if they become thugs and serious criminals? How about if they cleverly hijack power and sick to control it? How about if they are turned into radical criminals whose aim is to destroy the humanity? Actually this is what I mean by inclusiveness. It does not help to sideline the poor and the unfortunate from the society. It is not correct to alienate the orphans and the helpless because we have no time for them nor we have no funds to waste on them. They are also part of the human society and the more we help them the better it is for us all. We must build bridges rather than walls. Lets seek sustainable peace and security for the nation…there is sense in upholding social values. It is a good investment to put your wealth in human capital rather than purchasing new Japanese cars.
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