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We did not know it would be this bad…

Climate change or change climate?

When in the early 19th Century a scientist scientically revealed the danger of global warming due to the effects of industrialization, the world did not listen to him. His efforts fell on a dead rock and no any authority took scientifist serious. Slowly by slowly it was revealed that the amount of carbon particles in the atmosphere is building up so fast and some stone hearted people dismissed the findings. It was only in 1972, in Stockhold, when for the first time the United Nations held a Conference on Human Environment. There was a call that economic development was no longer sustainable. The Conference created UNEP as a UN Programme to spearhead environmental conservation and make reports to the UN.

To cut the long story short, scientists revealed that the climate change or global warming was occurring rappidly in the IPCC report and it was caused mainly by human activities on the climate. Too much carbon emissions into the atmosphere is the cause of Green House Gas which causes global warming. Actually, it was in 1992 Rio de Jennairo Earth Summit that the world came together to back the 3 Conventions at once. Convention on Biodiversity/Climate Change and Sustainable Development. The adoption of the 3 Conventions in one Summit had never happened before besides the adoption of the 2 Covenants As  on Human Rights in 1966.

It was also predicted that Africa shall be the first to be doomed and badly affected by the impacts of climate change. African leaders took it to be story telling and business as usual. For reasons one may not explain here, some African leaders closed their ears to the world call for action through the Conference of Parties (CoP). As usual, most of African governments wait for donors to release dollars in grant before they act. In Kenya, most of such money only end up being stolen by the same people who go looking for it. Nothing is put into preparedness and drought management. Ruining of rain forests for the need of trade in timber. People interferring with natural ecosystems increased. The protection of wildlife became another challenge by poachers. The Western nations that used to pump in funds for development also went on a go slow on Kenya due to human rights abuses.

Today dessertification is spreading all over. the 1/3 of arable lands are becoming impossible for farmers. The human space for survival keeps on shrinking as politicians are busy gearing for their struggle for power. No body speaks of leadership but power positions. Thhe situation is getting worse as some parts of the population are already in for hard times and death due to effects of climate change. There is no clear policy framework to mitigate and assist people to adapt. The resilience of the natural ecosystem is becoming over-stretched. As predictions of climate change are becoming true in Kenya, so many citizens are still saying that it is God and we live because of God. Fine! Where is our input to this plight?

Rivers are not protected. Lake Victoria is not a priority for the national government as it is being destroyed by weeds and silts. Political economy in climate change is not bringing any clear hope for many citizens. Ask anybody today, you will be told, cost of living is skyrocketing in Kenya. This year there are no rains and farmers are the losers. The cost of grains is going up. What is next? What is the government plan? Researchers are ignored and left to languish in poverty in Kenya. Professionals and bureaucrats have hijacked the entire process to embezzle any fund from other donors. It is sad.







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