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We must speak to each other not at each other…

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I realize that today many people are becoming more emotional, anxious, and politically complicated with time. The reality is that so much is changing in our life. The economy and social fabric is in dramatic change. Individuals lose their happiness and interrior peace. In Kenya, it is now difficult to find people who are willing to engage and speak to each other. It is common to find people shouting at each other even over silly issues. This is not impressive at all. It is a manifest of something terrible that is happening.

In some societies some people with distress just commit suicide and that is it. Even this is not the best way to solve your problems. Talking to another human being is the best medicine you can ever get. Sad enough in Kenya, some people now demand pay if you need to have a word with them. Some ask you to pay sitting allowance after sitting next to them for a light moment of relax. Social and recreeative areas are becoming expensive in Kenya. In Nairobi, pubs have become one of the most dangerous areas. Some women just pose to wait for men who need someone to talk to. Be careful, they are working for money. Sitting with you is not for free but you must pay something upfront. If you fail to pay, you can be embarrassed. Is this a normal life? Do I need to pay you in order to have a light chat? What have we turned into of late? Find for yourselves. Many Kenyans are getting lonely and depressed due to failure to associate and socialize without paying.

We must change this bad culture. Money has changed our lives into something terrible and scary. There are no more human values that we can count on. It is not good news when people develop homophobia and are scared about one another. Even in families where money has been put as the centre of staying together, there is no peace and no happiness at all. Such people who place money to be the centre for everything are heading to rude shock. There shall be nothing else to pay and nobody willing to buy. Lets find out more on this new challenge in how people relate today.





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