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The bed is where you spend the best part of your life

Sleep Healthy!

A normal baby between 0-15 years spent more than 10 hours sleeping. A teenager between 16-19 spend at least 8 hours sleeping. A normal healthy person between 20 to 50 years of age must spend at least 6 hours sleeping and from 51 and above must spend at least 5 hours sleeping. A healthy person from 45 years and above should sleep at least for 6 hours per day. This brings us to conclusion that most of our life time is spent in bed.

Remember that your health requires some rest or time to relax your body and mind. The bed is where you spend most of your time and must be safe from any sort of hygiene. Germs are always found in the bed sheets or blankets. Bed bugs always attack their victims in bed when the mattress is dirty or the blanket is not neat. The bed requires our attention in order to be healthy.

Diseases such as asthma and other breathing complications and allergies come from the bed we use. Viruses causing illnesses usually come from the germs that are found in the bed, bed sheets, blankets and all stuff we use for covering ourselves while asleep. Ensure that your bedroom is neat and your bed is free from germs and any disease-causing dirt.

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