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Brexit, Migration and Economy Shakes EU

In the last few years the so called Euro zone has been systematically stumbling down. The so called Euro Zone has been faced with serious challenges and threats to the Union. Is it true that the terrorist attack of 13th November 2015 in France and March 2016 in Belgium have defined the destiny of the Great Europe? Is it true that the 5 years war in Syria has complicated the European Union dream and is creating more fear than hope in the old continent?
Remember that both WWI & WWII all began in old continent. The Cold War of 1950s created polarization based on ideologies of the former USSR and the USA which enabled Euro zone to come up with an Association of members later known as NATO, today one of the most significant organizations with USA as one of the key members. Europe is the mother of the international community as we know it today. Great states such as the UK, France, and Russia are one of the veto powers in the United Nations Security Council and their decisions are binding on other State members. The role played by European Imperialism in other parts of the world during great colonization is a historical fact that cannot be wished away. European civilization has impacted on the world culture in terms of religion, education, industrialization and politics.
Besides all that Europe has achieved, European Union created by the Council of Europe in 1950s is one of the functioning regional arrangement which cannot be taken for granted. Europe is the centre of Human Rights and fundamental freedoms. France has made a great contribution to the development of Human Rights in the world as we know. Attack on her territorial integrity is like attacking the entire human rights and fundamental freedoms that France has stood for.
Capital market economy, capitalism and socialism are all ideologies constructed in the old continent and that have defined our life even today. The first Great minds and brains came from Europe. Even political theories such as democracy, republic, monarchism and aristocracy are all ideologies with European origins. Greece gave birth to the father of philosophy, Socrates and was the first to come up with City States such as Athens. But what is happening in Greece right now? Where is Greece?
Little do we know that even if Jesus Christ was a Jew and was born and lived in Palestine the real growth and development of Christianity as we know it was in Europe and not in the Middle East. The Vatican City State is the heart of the Catholic Church while England is the mother of the Anglican Church. Still there is more than meets the eyes when we analysis the crisis of Europe in the 21st Century. The shaky economy after the great economic depression that shook the economy of the world and serious financial instability caused partly by globalization, Europe has been at the centre of the whole drama. European Central Bank and all the institutions of the Euro zone have been serious and badly shaken in the last few years.
Attacking Paris by terrorists residing mostly in Belgium has created another mayhem in the region whose fate is shaky. But how comes France has attached great importance to terrorist attack now than ever before? Even UK has been severally attacked. Spain and other European States have been attacked by terrorists. Why is it that now it is as though the Union is not holding together anymore? Is it because such attack was least expected or there is something that the world does not know?
I think that such attack of Paris by jihadist terrorists of Islamic State and Islamic Caliphate, and the massive flow of refugees from Syria may seal the Union once and for all. Already the question of Greece and its economy has been a challenge to the Union. Peace in Ukraine has been another threat to the future of the Union. If UK pulls out from the Union then such would be another serious blow to the Union that took Europeans sacrifices to put together. If the economy of Europe keeps on weakening as demonstrated by financial institutions then the probability is that Euro zone shall have it rough. If states close their borders and pull out from the Shangen treaty then the European economy shall be irreparably damaged. One Pope John Paul II said that ” Europe was initiated without soul”. All he meant was the religious values that would have re-defined the European dream.
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