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“For free” and search for meaning

There are many topics in ethics that this blog is willing to discuss with the readers. Those who usually navigate in the websites always come across the expression for free. What does for free mean? Literary it means nothing, that is, it for nothing. Nothing is expressed in Latin as nihil that formed the philosophy of nihilism. But does nothingness exist? Ask yourself this question several times and try to share your findings with Assi Agency Ltd.
When people tell you that they will give you money for free they are lying to you. There is no money for free. It must be exchanged for value. The use of the word for free is one of the most discussed terms in the applied ethics.
Businesses use it to attract the attention of their customers. In December many businesses use the word for free to mean, it is an offer. You can be asked to buy two items and get one for free. Forget it. There is nothing for free. Marketing policies are keen on such words are …for free to get the attention of the potential buyer…at the end you will have to pay in cash or in kind. There is nothing known as for free…it is all quid pro quo.
Business ethics talks of the language we deploy when doing business. There is communication that bears results. Such communication skills are found in advertisements. There is a call to treat…an offer and acceptance of the offer. There must be consideration at the end of business negotiation. There must be contract. There must be commitment and promise. There must be value.
In this exchange of goods and benefits, there is business going on. Even the “free item” has some value in exchange.
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