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Sail prudently when the water gets too rough


It is no longer a secret that Dr. Monica Juma has served Kenya in high ranking capacities. The appointment of President Uhuru that was to bring her to the political limelight has made it tough for the ambassador to sail through. It is also great to reveal in this discussion that she is the first presidential appointee to be rejected by Jubilee prone MPs. This incidence makes her even greater as now the public is curious to learn who this lady is? Her news has attracted many readers across the world.
She is being blamed for being arrogant, but, is this really genuine? Who else has Parliament ever disapproved for being arrogant? If at all arrogance were one of the negative traits and grounds for disqualifications, I can say that almost 90% of MPs and civil cervants would have been vetted out of the job immediately.
Dr. Juma’s journey is just getting too rough for some people whose moral standards are questionable. The reason being, she is principled and stand alone character. She can say no to powerful political big wigs. I think the President might have looked at her strengths other than weaknesses when he decided to offer her the crucial job. This is a position that has been held mostly by men in the Kenya history. During President Moi’s regime another powerful lady was appointed to head the same position, Dr. Sally Kosgei. Whoever thinks women cannot perform then should revisit the records of Dr. Kosgei and what she did during her tenure in office.
But, still many Kenyan politicians see a threat when a woman is climbing the ladders of power. A reality that usually occurs when MPs are to decide on a woman. Rejecting Dr. Juma’s appointment has more to do with her character and attitude towards the cartels within the corridors of power. As the say goes, politicians assume too much in their constitutional mandate. MPs use arrogance perfectly to drive their points across. They believe they are the masters of morals and ethics when it comes to vetting. Yet, little do they know, they are also subjected to the scrutiny of the electorates.
It is now clear that Kenyan political elite is not ready for a woman leadership. Second, it is true that MPs are not serious about fighting corruption. Their preference would be sycophants and persons whose morality has been compromised. Ethically, there is nothing wrong in being yourself. Daktari, just carry on. The world is watching.
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