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Where and when ethics works for you?

Generally, people have stigma about ethics. It seems to be full of religious nuances. But I can tell you with confidence that you do not only keep ethics in Church or within religion. If anything, there are many religious persons who are not ethical. Ethics is about happiness. Read Epicurus, the Greek thinker that came up with the philosophy of happiness. What we all need is to be happy. How you achieve your happiness is very relative. Some people look for happiness in drinking, smoking, using substances, or by sex. This is misleading according to Epicurus. Happiness has a lot to do with relationships. How do you relate to others? Who is your friend? It is in good relationahips that you will be happy. How many wealthy people consider hanging themselves? How many sons and daughters of Kenyan tycoons that consider committing suicide? Can money buy happiness? The answer is no. Can having sex make one happy? How many married people are unhappy in their marriage? Happiness is not about sex.
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