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Where there is smoke there must be fire

By the ethical standards, Hon. Anne Waiguru is under moral obligations and duty to step aside for investigations or even to resign from her high office. The protection the CS has received from the Executive and the Legislature leaves many questions than answers in the mouths of many Kenyans. Keeping her in the high office is very risky. Time has come to believe that where there is smoke there is fire…In what started as the orchestration of the opposition has become a serious issue trending on the social media and the most honourable thing for an ethical person is to step aside or resign.
The game of patronage politics will never work in the case of Hon. Waiguru. The speaker of the National Assembly seems to be adamant not to see her impeachment debate getting to the floor of the house. The speaker is the arbiter in the house and should be seen as impartial and neutral to all members despite their political affiliations.
It is within the moral duty of the person to honour the demands and do the right thing. The right thing here is to bow out and respect the law.
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