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While Some People Run to Eat, Others Prefer Eating to Run!

Be industrious and believe in work not money! Life has become a marathon for many Kenyans!
It is true that in such competitive economy introduced by the market theory and extreme capitalism in Kenya, job opportunities are not available for everybody. Some people move very fast to find the scarce employment opportunities while others look for how to earn money then work after. It is one thing to look for work and it is totally another thing to look for money. Many teenagers seeking employment usually begin with their need for money and how to be wealthy other than looking for how to deliver and perform. This perception fails many job seekers in Kenya who believe that all they need is to get the money. Job is about work. Work shall pay you the money. It is then upon you to decide on how to spend your income.

Many young Kenyans with some money think of a car even before owning a house or a plot. This is also ill advised. Motor vehicles are not economic at all. If anything, a car takes money away from your savings while a house shall add value to your economic aspirations.

All one needs to do is to put work before wage. The wage obviously shall come but you must demonstrate to any potential employer that your core interest is to add value to the work. Show what you are able and willing to do for him and win the job. Never show your ambition for money…this only spoils for you. Nobody wants to give money for no value in exchange. An employer is not looking for where to spend and waste his money but rather, where to get the work done! It should not be like putting the cart before the horse!

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