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Who has stolen our “faith”?

What have we done to this Institution called Church?

Kenya is known for many good reasons. One of them being the freedom of worship. The neighbouring Tanzania has never tolerated such freedom and the reason is clear. Unless it is a mainstream religion known to the world, Tanzania authority shall never allow anybody to open a church and start preaching to people. Kenya is totally the opposite. Any person, even a thug or a devil can open his or her church in Kenya. Churches are like Kiosks where people sell faith at a fee. Religion in Kenya is a big business as government has its hands off the sector. When former AG proposed a Bill in Parliament to regulate the sector, the same corrupt religious leaders ganged up to defend the business. The President had to give blanket amnesty to churches.

It is very sad but true that only in Kenya one using witchcraft can pose to be a pastor and succeed. One using demoniac spirits such as Majini can get his or her way and woe followers from all sectors of life. Some worship serpent yet the congregation see them as prophets and godly persons. Kenyan people like God but where is that God? Those who come to claim they are pastors, prophets, Evangelists, Apostles and new Jesus are all fake and evil doers.

There was one who claimed he was Jehovah among the Luyha people…when he died the believers could not admit it. How can god die? One was among the Luo people known as Simeon Ondeto who was worshipped as god. The time he died as any other mortal being, his believers kept the corpse for many days waiting for the resurrection which never occurred. The government had to intervene and force the burial. Jehovah Wanyonyi died but before he died he was a god to many people. None of the believers can still tell you that he died because this is an abonination.

Kenya is a country with high level of literacy. The best professionals are from Kenya. Kenya is revered in the international community as one of the most vibrant countries in Africa. Kenyans create their own gods and try to persuade the world to believe. It is a nation of all talents including marathon and safari. But the question is, what has become of Kenya? Can’t Kenyans reject false religion and embrace the correct ones?

Even the mainstream churches in Kenya are culprits of many wrongs that make them irrelevant to the people. Churches are involved in corruption, sexual offences, sins, stealing and social misconduct. Other states now jail priests, bishops and cardinals for misconduct. In Kenya, still saying that a pastor has gone to bed with somebody’s wife is not taken to be true. Kenyans have learned to accept religion as it comes. The sin of a clergy is not a sin. Clergy appear as though they own god and can dictate him. Some use politics in church or start in church to join politics then lose their faith. Who has stolen our faith? Missionaries made their mistakes but they stood for faith at the end. Africans are now deconstructing elements of faith to an extent that many people prefer the devil. Why is this happening? It is in Kenya that a Catholic priest is sentenced to death penalty when found guilty of conspiracy when Bishop Locati of Isiolo was murdered. To whom can we go to confess our sins? Is confession still working? Why have we betrayed our Christian faith? Churches are lured with money and not the work of saving souls. It is sad and the only judge is God with capital G. We are all mortal.

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