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Who is who in Kenya today?

For those who believe that national laws make changes happen in our society will have a rude shock that it is not always the case. Kenya is a clear example where Kenyans do not own factors that affect individuals life experience. The Constitution that Kenyans celebrated on 27th August of 2010 actually is full of provisions that have nothing to do with the indigenous communities. But it is the law of the land. Now many other kinds of new legal ideas are getting into the Kenyan system through all angles. Now there is insistence on the Western conception of femminism. My question is, don’t we have knowledge about African femminism? Can our African ideas be considered important. This question is extended to all of us, or eachone of us, as Africans? Do we have certain social values that could provide solution to African problems? Can we speak of African solution to African problems?
This weblog is interested in openning discussion on how Africa can compete globally using borrowed ideas. Will Africa become economically strong if it adopts every legal proposal from other members of the commonwealth? Now that USA has made GLBT constitutional right, will African countries entrench everything USA proposes into their laws? Let us discuss this topic with open mind.
Kenyans must ask themselves, who is determining our future? Can we still claim that we are independent?
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