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Scrapping Civics from the curriculum was ill advised

Kenya is considering revising the education system once again. I agree with the government on the need to revisit the quality of our education system. Since 844 system was introduced we have heard of schools burnt by students, university students going on rampage over little issues and the quality of education taking the back seat. This blog story is willing to discuss why civics was removed from the curriculum? Who is supposed to assist the students today to learn about ethics and morals of our society? Parents are not the best to inculcate such knowledge to their children. One day a parent was given chance to give a motivation talk to primary school teachers. A part from many useless words she used she insisted saying that the duty of the parents is to teach their children the vernacular or mother tongue. I really wonder what such message means if we expect the children today to be the leaders tomorrow? I really wonder if the parent was aware of social values, constitutional values, ethics and liability. Are we not telling the children today to learn nothing other than divided society?
The children today are the leaders tomorrow. The society tomorrow is determined by how we prepare our children today. What we teach children today will be their life tomorrow. If our society is duped in corruption because of leadership it is because when the leaders were children already they were taught by the system that corruption is a good thing, arrogance is right, hatred is a right thing to do, ethnicity is a great value, nepotism is not evil, and corruption is an advantage for leadership. If you interview those who are aspiring to be elected in 2017 most of them will shock you by saying, I want to be wealthy as other leaders. What does this tell you? Guess what, this is the education they get.
Now we speak of constitutionalism and human rights. But do we understand them? Does the education system prepare children to understand the two concepts? I really doubt this.
Whoever stopped civic education did not understand what education means for good governance or had ill intention. What the education system does to young people is to prepare them to become immoral and unethical leaders tomorrow. If you want to find more on this topic, you can contact me.
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