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Why I find blogging an interesting and a necessary evil.

I simply like to hear about your feeling and opinion about bloggers. Gramsci once upon a time spoke about global village when he invented radio system. He did not imagine an advancement in this sector of communication. His dream is what has produced internet and modern social media. I do say that people have not stopped dreaming even 100 years after the Italian intellectual. Blogs are very good tools and can be used to make life better than it is. Think of Al-Jazeera journalists jailed in Egypt and how much social media has contributed to their freedom! There are many situations in which social media is becoming another means to social justice if well used.

I find blogging a necessary evil. It is now no secret that human behaviour and attitude can change through what people say, think, gossip, share, and tell. Even strong men and women in the decision making positions are getting interested in the social media. Almost all celebrities and famous persons are found on social media. But it also requires some ethics in order to bear fruit. I will be discussing with you why I like Bloggers and tell me why you like it.

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Dr. Peter Onyango O. is one of our main contributors. He is a senior law lecturer, a writer, a consultant, peace ambassador, and a researcher. He assists so many professionals, legal minds, and debaters with his skills and scholarly wealth! He supports children and village community as a way of giving back to community. He edits, proof reads, and publishes various articles for our page!

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  1. Thanks so much Nikki. I like your input and very soon I will adopt your guidelines.

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