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Why Kenya getting its economic policies wrong…

Big Malls & Techno City

Copy and paste culture is spoiling it for the Kenya’s economic growth. As much as Kenya’s leaders spend tax money to travel to other countries all they do in such expensive trips is nothing other than shopping. They do copy paste activity. Even the economy based on copy paste cannot stand the test of economics at the school of economics today. One needs to invest in research and involve professionals, academics and planners.

During the regime of President Mwai Kibaki back in 2002 till 2013, so much happened in Kenya. I still do believe that the only an economist president Kenya has ever had in its history is Kibaki. He worked in silent. His administration came up with Vision 2030, another big dream and fruit of copy paste culture. He came up with Chartered Universities all over the city corners. This was copied in China where universities are emerging as a big industry to boost the most needed economic expansion. He came up with open market policy to allow in investors from other countries and big malls came in. Two Rivers, the Hub are just among them. His government came up with improvement in the energy sector such as clean energy, drilling of oil in north Kenya, builing road system to boost the economy and so many other things. Thika road is one of his big achievements as the President for two terms. But he came up with national road system plan that is still being implemented. Even remote parts of Kenya such as Siaya got its share in the infrastructure development. Standard Gauge Railway known in Kenya as SGR was a big initiative partly funded by the Government of China.

As the economist left the office in 2013, copy paste culture started to show itself in earnest. As Kenya’s National Budget hits 3 Trillion of shillings, and the public debt reaching the skies, poverty, corruption and other ills crop into the system. Today Kenya is known as one of the biggest corrupt countries on earth. Money is not safe as Billions get lost into the drains. Public money is being stollen by people who realised the gap in copy and paste economy. It is like Mafia economy…in which you borrow the money only to end up stealing it then you tax people to pay back the debt. The borrowed capital is not yielding or pumping much into the economic grid of the Kenya’s over strained GDP. This is worsened by other challenges including the Climate Change that affect the agricultural sector badly.

Politics of the day is not focused neither. The party in the government came up with the big 4 agenda, another big illusion. This includes Agriculture, Housing, Health and fight against Corruption. This reductive approach is good as a political tool. As many Kenyans are still guessing what this Agenda entiails, it is apparently clear that even here, it is another illusion and copy and paste. There is nothing substantive as Health Sector is reeling in problems. Affordable Housing cannot work as so long as such housing scheme is not managed by public body. Houses that are managed under the Municipality always appear to be affordable and at the reach of the poor in the cities. But as so long as we build houses and we expect private individuals to rent or buy then the poor will not access them.

My issue with this type of economy is that, when many citizens are jobless and may not have the power of purchase. This is directly affecting the Malls that make commodities available for the Kenyan market. Copy Paste economy is not the right one for Kenya. If countries such as Rwnada, Ethiopia and probably Angola may be getting it right, Kenya is always getting it wrong.

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