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Award Investigative Job to Journalists – Police Told

Criminology is not part of the curriculum for journalism and rarely forensic psychology. But why do they show more resilience and effectiveness than regular employed police force? This blog story is interested in revealing some truth to this effect. Most of the effective arrests concerned with serious criminal offences in Africa have been conducted through investigative journalism. Some journalists have demonstrated high class professionalism, aptitude and ability to carry out recording, investigating and reporting corruption cases, among others. African journalism Award promoted by CNN & Multichoice media companies have rewarded some men and women who have demonstrated high professionalism. The prominent questions here are: why is it that journalists have performed better than state police in investigating crimes? Why are the journalists more resilient in going where police officers do not dare?
Journalists are trained more in professional ethics than police. May be and may not be! Most of them belong to the private rather than public sector. They also do it to get stories right for their public audience. Again since most of the serious crimes in the continent are politically connected, ethically police officers may not be in a position to investigate them even if they know about them. In normal circumstances a dog will rarely bite his master but, rather, the enemy of the master. It is in Africa that journalists are always frustrated by governments, politicians and leaders who threaten them with punishment. In very rare cases African political elite comment positively about journalism. It is obvious therefore that the cause of their suffering is connected with dirty politics.
In Kenya we celebrate the life of Mohamed Amin who died in the hands of plane hijackers. He is the one that saved Ethiopia from famine through his boldness and professional photos. We also have Mohamed Ali whose programme known as Jicho Pevu has revealed a lot of the rot in the system. There are cartoonists whose resilient and diligent work has shown a lot of integrity and professionalism. It is because such journalists have a sense for the common good. They have a strong sense of values that the whole society is looking for. Police and politicians are against ethics and public morality despite the fact that they are the one’s to protect and defend common good. Even highly qualified professors in Africa lose everything once they are in politics. They will prefer turning evil and forgetting that they have a moral role to play in society.
Some crimes are linked to regular police as well. Some police turn to crimes while others merely serve under order from above. As so long as we have governments that are not morally sensitive to the needs of the people, police body investigating crimes will always fall short of the desired expectations. It is in this sense investigative journalism has a lot more to reveal to the world than investigative police officers. In Kenya, it is through brave journalism that we know of the evil in the freedom of worship. It is again through journalism that Kenyans came to know about police imposter and gynacologyst that turned to be a serial rapist. Were it not the work of brave and professional journalists, certainly, the world would have not known how billions of Kenyan shillings disappear into the pockets of individuals, how drug traffickers do their business, and safe haven for state connected crimes. Journalists played a key role in the Post Elections Violence in Kenya. They captured stories that proved to be true. Remember Westgate looters and how the public came to know what was going on in the corridors of death!
It is all about professional ethics.
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