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Why Kenya has still along way to go

It is in everybody’s knowledge that Kenyans can steal even corpses. The new constitutional dispensation and institutions in place are not able to make Kenya a state free from corruption and impunity. On the contrary the Bill of Rights has just worsened the entire scenario of governance.

Kenyans are now used to scams and scandals one after the other. In the same line of thought, citizens are now getting used to big scams and scandals not facing justice. The war on graft in Kenya is a lost war. The famous great Hand-Shake between the President and the former PM has only served to restore some calm and serenity after general elections but nothing it is going to do in order to slow down corruption.

It is now known in Kenya that people stealing public funds are too many. The say goes, some stones are too big to be turned. Who shall bell the cat? In Kenya, who is not corrupt? Even men and women of clothe are tainted in corruption. Men and women known as learned friends are the instruments of the evil. Who will therefore save Kenya?

Corruption is a global reality but each serious sovereign state has its own way of dealing with the crime. In Brazil former Head of State is facing his time in jail. In South Korea former democratically elected President is serving her term in jail. In Kenya, not even a mere PS or CS has ever faced justice and this is a big dream far from reality.

Kenya media reporters are treating corruption as part of Kenya’s lifestyle and on we go. So much money meant for development and service to Kenyans is drained into individuals pockets. The best name for all this is Cartail. Who shall tame the bloody scam? One Miguna Miguna expressed his ability to do something for Nairobi if elected the Governor….but how many are there?

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