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Only a person of integrity should manage money

It is not cumbersome to explain why Dr. Patrick Ngugi Njoroge is still the right man for the finance office in Kenya. He is a brilliant economist that Kenya needs. There is something more than what meets the eye in this personality in Kenya today. This blog is ready to reveal many things. He is a professional with glaring ethical qualities that Kenya has never had in this office. A person with qualified knowledge of the economy and how money works world-wide. He served in big capacities at international level earning even better salary. Humbling himself to save the Kenyan economic boat from sinking in the deeper seas, is not a work of any ordinary citizen. He has God at heart and he is a man the world can entrust with money.
Dr. Njoroge is one of the staunch Christian Catholics. He belongs to lay order of the Opus Dei. He is a consecrated person, meaning he has vowed to God to be honest, sincere, truthful and faithful in his Ministry. I am afraid that only few Kenyans know about lay missionaries in the world. The Roman Catholic Church has had long history of lay men and women who live an honest simple life, using their professions to serve mankind and God at the same time. Dr. Njoroge is one of them. Consecration is a religious term that many of the MPs fail to understand. During the interview for the big job, his interviewers were out of substantive questions to ask him and settled on such simple questions as, “why he is not married at the age of 54 and why he is not owning any property?” Only few of them understood the meaning of consecration while many others even wished he could tie knot with their daughters.
It is a term used in the Catholic Church especially among the religious to refer to someone with morals and ethics in his service for the poor and simple hearted. He has vows with God. Njoroge decline hefty perkages aligned with the Boss of the Central Bank of Kenya and the Governor. A person holding that office is also the person whose signature appears on the money. This tells you how important this office is to Kenyans. He is to be given fat salary, limousine, posh villa, tight security, and uncountable benefits which he declined.
Dr. Njoroge accepted to stick to his faith and serve as he did before. For such a person God is greater than any earthly power and he is not shaken by big office. Such a character is very important for a country that is duped in institutionalised corruption. Just like the Holy Father, Pope Francis, whose visit to Kenya is characterized with his simplicity, humility and the need to serve the poor on earth. Dr. Njoroge looks at the economy of this country with religious view and pure professionalism other challenging the Kenyan style of “it is our time to eat”. He goes in ordinary cars meant for ordinary citizens other than posche limousine. He will never accept to be driven on the right while others on the left…
This blog is interested in unearthing religious ethical qualities that are missing in the Kenyan society. Kenya can now tell the lost paradise by looking at true professionals whose love for God emerges stronger than love for earthly wealth. Dr. Njoroge is one of those who see service above self and raise the flag of God’s people very high above the ground. He is a symbol of righteiousness and a sign that still people can live a virtuous life happily without falling into temptation.
Christian faith is based on the word HOPE. There is hope that one day, even some political leaders will become more professional and less self-centered. Such are men and women who do their work professionally, objectively and in line with faith.
It is real that many of the Kenyan leaders are Catholic believers. And unfortunately, it is true that most of such leaders have fallen out with Consecration. They have not carried the Social Teachings of the Church to the heart of service meant for the poor and the oppressed. Hypocrisy in faith and double standards have ruined many Kenyans. It is only honourable for a living being to live a virtuous life full of happiness and God’s peace.
My message to Dr. Njoroge: Brother, serve in faith, simplicity and steadfastness throughout. Never give the devil chance. I pray for you. God will protect you and ensure that you save his boat from sinking.
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