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On President Peter Nkurinziza of Burundi


Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza, the President of Burundi has paid deaf ear to the regional and international community, throwing all the efforts to bring peace in Burundi into disarray. Actually, President Nkurunziza has become an adamant ruler of the landlocked small country bordering Rwanda, Tanzania, DRC, and closer to Malawi and Zambia. A country of bearly 11 million citizens is now precipitating into another deadly chaos after world leaders have exhausted their points.
This weblog is interested in discussing what might happen to Mr. Pierre Nkurunziza after 21st of July? The high profile meeting of Arusha by East African Community top leaders and decision makers has postponed the presidential elections from 15th July to 21st of the same month, a difference of 1 week. President Yoweri Museveni has been nominated as the chief mediator that should strike a deal with President Nkurunziza and the oppostion leaders. On 29th June 2015, Burundians elected the Parlamentarians, an exercise that has been disqualified by international observers as below the international standard and it appears that his party won. Main opposition parties boycotted the elections in a way that shows imminent conflicts. All this has not sent any signal to Mr. President.
Accusations after accusations, but the President has remained adamant…either, he becomes the next President or nobody. He has stayed put.
The same President has fired some of his confidants perceived to be contrary to his personal opinion. Even some members of the judiciary have lost their positions due to their dissenting opinions. The Electoral Commission is under the dictates of Mr. President while he has sections of the Police and Army defending his bid.
As a surprise, many Burundians have moved to Rwanda and DRC as refugees in fear of any humanitarian disaster. But upto now, it seems that it is all happening in the capital city, Bujumbura. Other provinces are still quiet about it. The recent development is mentioning some Rwandese soldiers that crossed into Burundi but this is not yet the official position.
As it appears, Mr. Nkurunziza does not require election, for he is going to be the winner. This is a clear sign of a new African dictator who will do all to stick to power. The President has parted ways with some of the personalities that brought him into power. He has no dialogue with the opposition nor with personalities that may see him as a disaster. He is likely to throw the whole nation into another deadly warfare. He may open the pandora box and open the gate to hell. God forbids, but the same Nkurunziza may remind Burundians of the historic genocide between the Tutsi and Hutu.
Chances for Mr. Nkurunziza to bring sanity and peace to troubled Burundi are growing slimmer day by day. He has a new young Turks who have little experience about politics and who pose to be his supporters. This trick may not work for Burundi as leading opposition leaders swear to soldier on and make sure that the President is toppled. My question is, how can a man with flesh and soul dare such situation? How will Nkurunziza rule single handedly without declaring civil war? Another question, what is the rationale for one man to ruin lives and hopes of millions of innocent people?
Mr. President is remaining an isolated leader in the region. He commands his people with impunity. He can shift his diplomats at will and fire any Government official whenever he deems right. His dream is that God is telling him to run for the 3rd term in office.
The prominent question is, is there place for such dictators anymore? Will Nkurunziza survive the resistance from thsoe who are opposed to his leadership? How will he work with the people? How will he form a unitary government without pitfalls? What is in the mind of former President Pierre Buyoya?
If leadership means courage then I would say that Mr. Nkurunziza is a very couragious ruler. It is rare to find such persons that would stick to power even if it means losing some of his beloved citizens. Lets wait and see what will become of Burundi having President Museveni mediating. If the same Museveni has no constitutional limit to leadership, will he advise his counterpart to do otherwise? History will judge Mr. Nkurunziza harshly should Burundi precipitate into genocide or deadly civil war… STORY TO CONTINUE…
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