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Why should motor vehicles be registered?

Automobiles are one of the registered properties in the possession of millions of people around the globe. Car registration is not an option but an obligation in all countries in the world. Littled do we question why do we need to have a number plate on the car? Is it for decoration or for telling the origin of the car? The number has more than eyes can meet.
It is meant for civil and legal responsibility purposes and it is an obligation by law to have it on the car. Whether the car or an automobile is moving on the public roads or packed in a private space next to the owner’s house, it must have the number plate that is visible and can be read from a reasonable distance. The basic concept of all this is that authomobiles can be used for bad intention. They can be used to steal, to kill and to commit other serious crimes in society. The number plate is the identity card – or PIN if you wish. The same number plate leads to relevant information about the vehicle, the owner, its origin, model, conditions and others.
For instance, if a car kills a pedestrian on the road, and the driver tends to vanish quickly, the only evidence would be to take the number plate and report to the nearest police officer or station for criminal investigations. It is the number plate and data in the registries that shall lead the authority to arrest the offender and bring him to justice. It is again true, as I said before, that the number shall reveal the ownership. The owner bears the full responsibility of his property unless he demonstrates that it was not in his possession at the time of the accident.
In Kenya, it is a common phenomenon to come across motor vehicles running on the highways with no lights and some with no any number plate. Strange enough, such cars, lorries or buses, pass through police check-points with no problem.
It is a security risk to have cars with no number plates on the roads. Who will tell in case of any suspecision the origin of the car? How can the police trace the criminals who move in cars with no number plates? It all started during the former government when the notorious Artur Brothers were known for driving limousine at the centre of the city with cars without number plates. The government did not act against this crime, only to deport the criminals with no any sign of illegality. From this episode Kenyans roads have been known for certain malpractices that the police tend to ignore.
It is unethical and failure of enforcing the law to allow automobiles with no number plates to use the roads. It does not make any sense to speak of the rule of law while the same law enforcers disobey it. We must lead by example and ensure that the law is equal to all.
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