It is a reality show that some African leaders cannot just imagine quitting power even after serving for several years. This blog is ready to reveal some secretes behind this tendency. President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, President Paul Biye of Cameroon, Dos Santos of Angola, Denis Ngouesso of Congo, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda, Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi, Joseph Kabila of DRC, Omar Al-Bashir and some others in the pipeline. It is not because such leaders do not see far and may not have the wisdom of Julius Nyerere and Nelson Mandela. It is not true that such leaders are blind of democracy and constitutionalism. It is not because such leaders love power. It is not because such leaders are blind of the dark period of the continent. They are very intelligent and clever leaders. They are educated and capable of commanding authority within their territories. They are persons of some unique way of looking at things.
The common denominator in all of them is that they got into power through undemocratic processes and how can one convince them of democracy? Most of them fought and got power through the gun. Some of them sneaked into politics as the only opportunity to canvass themselves from some international crimes while some have the sixth sense of their own security while out of power. It is not because they can enjoy all the demands of being a leader…it is because they are worried of how the society shall judge them. The fate of former President Joseph Mobutu Seseseko Kuku Mbendu of former Zaire is the answer to the question. He hanged on power until he had to be forced out by gun. The society hated him so much that even his corpse was not received kindly at home pop over here. Most of them die in power or in exile such as General Idi Amin Dada whose criminal actions left him a seriously wounded person. He had to eat his humble pie. Africa has had history of bad and evil leaders. But the continent is not free from such unethical leaders yet.
An honest and ethical leader will never feel insecure while exits power. Not at all. Take for instance, the late iconic leader, Nelson Mandela whose wise leadership ended well and he stands to be remembered. His retirement age was peaceful and easy for him. People honoured him to an extent that he became a world symbol. He still remains in our history and memoir as a special gift for the world. Since his hands were clean throughout his leadership, Mandela had nothing to fear. Can Mugabe follow suit and do the same? This is impossible and out of question.
What unethical leaders would think of doing is to seek either his son or the wife to take over but nobody else. Some people argue that climbing political ladder is such an expensive engagement that no ordinary leader would dream of quitting. President Kaguta Museveni was quoted saying, whoever thinks of taking power from him must remember first how he got into power. Wow!!! Are you suggesting that all should use guerilla warfare? I wonder if this is the way to go.
Time shall come for the true African democracy and constitutionalism. That time is not far from real. The coming into existence of the ICC is a sign that the world is not going to be patient with criminals… not for now. The international community is determined to doom all persons with ill motive that would think of ruining lives.
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