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The face and the book – a short story

So much has been said about the facebook and how it all came about in the previous blog stories. There is a story about the inventor and his invention. Today, it is interesting to look at two magical words that have inspired this invention, face & book all pasted together. The followers and users of facebook keep on increasing everyday. It is made in a very simple way using like or unlike. Signing up and subscribing to it is a simple practice. All you need is to have an email address then get started. You can upload your image or leave it blank. But, remember, some people signup and decline to upload a photo showing their own image. This weblog is interested especially in discussing why the face and book matter? Actually, you don’t need Albert Einstein to come and explain this.
The face is the part of the body that speaks more than the body as in body language. Amazingly it can make what is false look real while sending positive signals to unkown receiver. It hides what the mind and the heart contains as the cover hides the content of a book. In the facebook some users quickly fall in love with the face before knowing the person (reading the book) they are dealing with. Then there is a tendency of the users to ensure that what is uploaded is something attractive, seductive, and somehow telling more about what is not other than what the reality is. Some, who in reality, never laugh, can give a facial fake impression of beings persons of good humour, friendly, sincere, easy going, good character, and, perhaps, honest. The face can easily blackmail others since it covers so much about the real person or the content of the book and its cover.
Instead, the book is what we go for when seriously we want to read about something interesting and genuine. The face is the cover of the book that attracts our eyes but the content is deeply inside the book.
As the proverb goes, do not judge a book by its cover. What the face tells the others may be a different thing all together from what the book is about. Now listen, how many youthful persons end up spoiling themselves due to facebook? Some end up in virtual marriage due to the communication effect of the face. A young man looking for a beautiful girl will not go to Church to get one. He will simply connect himself to the world in his bed room and click on the facebook. Actually, there is a button for friends. Pick one of his choice and start communicating. What the girl will realise is that someone likes her…wow! The girl will seek to find more about this gentleman who is reading her face and slowly falling in love. Some go to an extent of looking for money to pay airticket just to meet the owner of the face who may live very far. Some girls come to Kenya as tourists to meet their facebook friends, but they end up experiencing the ordeals of their life. All that glitters is not gold. In some dirty corners of Nairobi it is now common to come across some facebook friends and you wonder about the magic of the facebook.
Reading the book reveals what the book is all about. It can be a good book due to the message and the content. It can be a bad book due to the message and the content. But the book can also prove to be malicious and not what one thought…but once you have purchased it, as the rule goes, “goods once sold shall never be accepted back”. You end up possessing the bad book even if its content is not pleasant. Dumping it in some litter beans in town is also like you are not caring about the money you spent to buy it or giving unnecessary work for city cleaners. Burning it may pollute the environment. Giving it to your neighbour as a gift may reveal who you are and you decide not to go this direction. The easiest thing is to keep it somewhere among the books you don’t like. All in all, the damage has been done.
Such damage may keep on haunting the person everywhere and all over. But one interesting thing is that facebook allows one to unlike or keep on liking. When you unlike the face, then you will not be in touch with the person anymore. What is more intelligent is to unlike the person before it will be too late to unlike the face only that you cannot make such decision unless you know the book. Well some can use instincts and press unlike…
Besides this story, what is interesting is that facebook brings the world together and make people grow in relationships. It also make old friends meet after a very long time. It can make old school mates come together or separated relatives meet after some time of separation. It reconciles people who have been in conflict. It is one of the social media softwares that works magics. It inspires those who have been enemies to forgive each other and start again. It gives one the courage to tell the others that he is not what they think he is. Some people even have gone over board and adopted the word facebook to refer to conjugal rights by saying, for instance, my partner has denied me the facebook.

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