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Trump’s Campaign Turns Ugly

Donald Trump is the Republican preferred candidate to take over the leadership of the United States of America. Mass shootings in various cities and police killing and butchering members of American African citizens is increasing. America is at it again after ugly era of civil unrest that caused the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, President Abraham Lincoln and many others who stood firm for human rights principles. US democracy is constructed on human dignity, equality, and freedom among other principles.
From the political analysis Mr. Trump is a real rightist politician. He stands for values linked to conservative theory of exclusion of others. He has campaigned against the Mexicans, the Latinos, the Africans and Muslims. Everybody is aware that Mr. Trump is standing for fascism and racism. It really hurts. There is a wide spread of intolerance and racial hatred that President Obama terms as unacceptable. Profiling persons in terms of the colour of their skin and race is violation of human rights, it is a crime against humanity and crimes of genocide.
If American people allow this trend of shooting to kill to continue then America will not stand again as a leader in the defense of human rights in the world. If the same America has been blaming China and other rivals of abuses of human rights, what is now happening is contrary to the logic.
Every evil must have a source. Politics has it again and again. Hitler used politics to lead his government to committing one of the world terrible and heinous crimes in the history of humanity. Trump is exactly repeating the same.
It is sad that the state that hosts the United Nations is the one directly cultivating the culture of violence and racial hatred. It is very disappointing that America of all the nations is propagating terrorism through violations of human rights.
Why Trump will be a very dangerous choice for the Americans is that America has been referred to a the melting pot of all races in the world living side by side, sharing many values, and demonstrating what would be called a strong sense of humanity. What the Republicans and conservatives are turning the big nation into may turn to be the failure of the entire human generation.
Now it is a regret why USA signed the Rome Statute only for the Congress to fail to ratify it. It is terribly sad that the world superpower has failed the test of human rights.
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  1. Trump now must consider dropping his campaign on guns. It is dangerous and the on-going shootings must be condemned by Trump himself.

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