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Trump seeking to shake the world order


First and foremost, lets get the facts straight. In the history of America politics may be shakier today than ever before. Traditionally, the American people are known for being liberal in their thinking as compared to conservative democracies in the world. Historically, their political choices turn around two major ideology-based parties, Democrats and Republicans making it difficult for any independent candidate to win presidency. This blog is rather interested in revealing why many Americans today may prefer a Republican candidate.

International public opinion shows that some Americans believe in anti-globalization, deregulation, de-institutionalization, and disintegration sentiments that may likely play well into the hands of Mr. Donald Trump. It is true that many Americans are rapidly developing renewed disintegration sentiments that involves breaking away with some traditional trade systems even if America has been playing the “big brother” politics since the Cold-War and after. The feeling that China should not economically dominate the world, or, rather, Yen should not take over US dollar as the international currency is a fact that we cannot dismiss.

Trump believes that, with him America will be strong and safe again. Such international disputes as South China Sea controversies may not be tolerated by Trump as president anymore. But the prominent question is, does he explain in his campaign why, how, and where America is weak? The only thing that comes repeatedly in his speeches is, America is weak, terrible and other nations are laughing at the Americans saying that, “we can make America great again, we will make America safe again”, but how?

It is clear that Mr. Trump is clueless about the world politics, current issues, and how the entire system generally operates. However, he has cleverly copied Mr. Obama’s campaign slogan: “Yes we can” by arousing the general feeling of being weak, and feeble purporting that his administration shall provide quick solution and better alternative by making America strong and safe again. But as compared to the last time Republicans were in the government, America is much safer under the Democrats…

Aristotle once postulated that, man is a political being and politics does not require great minds such as: much rhetoric, long speeches, diplomacy, difficult words, poems, and nicety. The more one sounds bold and arrogant, the more he makes his followers feel that they are more secure and safer with him as their hero or redeemer just as Hitler did in his Nazi government. The hero proposes himself to be the best alternative for the present and future needs. I think Trump must had read quickly the book of a man whose administration he dislikes most, the bestseller: Audacity of Hope by President Obama.

Trump is good at striking the weakest point of the general public feeling, that is, fear for the unknown. He creates much fear in people, then proposes himself as the only available solution. This is Machiavellian politics that whoever has read the book entitled “The Prince” will affirm. Unemployment and social problems create fear in societies and generations. Trump knows how much voters value their need to survive and he seems to be keen on the American society more than the world problems. It is a political undertone which plays with human psychology at the right moment of international economic depression created by crisis in the integrated financial systems and unregulated trades caused by free market ideology.

The political rule is, “speak straight and show people how much you will save them from their uncertainties if elected”. Rule number one, “identify the monster or villein”, then, rule number two, “explain how you will go about it to ruin the villein for them, just as James Bonds’ motion movies known as Doubl “O” Seven”. Mr. Trump must have been an actor in such movies, most probably, playing the hero who is so powerful and wants to get rid of the enemy by all means to save the community.

Questions such as South China Sea controversies with the Philippines may entertain Trump’s objectives just as Brexit did in favoring pro-Trump campaigns. Terrorist attacks in France, Germany and recent Coup attempt in Turkey, are all realities that play around with the public feelings which Trump shall benefit from to strengthen his campaign.

Making America great again translates into dealing ruthlessly with anti-American nations or the so called “rogue-states” or none complaint states using jingoism and sending the bill to them. Probably, he is going to make America strong again by showing China the exit door or sinking it once and for all. But how will he do this? What is his action plan to turn round this messy world economy into a better one? Such are some of the hard questions Trump is likely to face during the forthcoming television interviews.

Trump’s popularity is creating more fear than hope as his speeches are sending chills down into the veins of the world already full of troubles. His strong statements against other races (Afros and Latinos) are likely to arouse some collateral damages in a world that is perpetually struggling with civic and political rights, human rights and fundamental freedoms. Trump has a stand on fire arms policy in America and shootings of the blacks in some states may favor his policy on security even if, to some extent, such police behavior might come from socio-psychological engineering linked to anti-racial politics such as building the wall between Mexico and USA and making Mexico pay for it. Fighting to save other weak nations and making such nations pay… is like, trading in violence to make profit just as the – USA-Iraqi war pegged on oil. Trump tends to borrow a leaf from former President, George W. Bush who opened offensive against the dictator Saddam Hussein and Mullah Omar. What Trump is suggesting is that, such fights that cost the American tax payers lots of money, are investments and people should not worry, the nations will pay and America will be strong again!

Am not surprised that even some people from Africa are systematically developing some particular liking for Trump’s plan of action for he may not sit on the fence and tolerate some notorious African leaders who want to hang on power while their citizens die of hunger. The one million dollar question is, how is he going to do it? Easy! Bush rendered the late Saddam Hussein irrelevant and a man under siege. Trump can do the same to some notorious African leaders that whose appetite for power is relentless…he will simply render them irrelevant forcing them into unsafe hide-outs for the rest of their lives. Remember the fate of the late Muammar Geddafi in Libya and his legacy on the continent!

Such measures, however, if adopted, shall leave the world toothless and seriously wounded. Find out what is happening in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan today. A similar thing had been seen in the Vietnamese war atorvastatin 80 mg. President Obama’s appraised diplomacy has attenuated such ruthless attacks directed to populations and their leaders. Obama’s administration has been careful with the war-ton Syria and its leader. Unfortunately, this is not how Mr. Trump might see it and he might apply Premier May’s maxim, Brexit means Brexit, in furtherance to the return to the outlawed nuclear power ambitions.

Hegelian philosophy of history construes that “history repeats itself”. Politics tends to climb high then declines with the war and during peace time and growth, war will erupt again to destroy the gains, the nations shall again strike peace deals, and so on.

President Obama came into power at a time when the world was breaking up with many wars. He successfully moderated the world temperatures through diplomacy and he planned the elimination of Mr. Osama Bin Laden, the most wanted man. This may be the same approach of the Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Should Trump win the elections, then the world must be prepared for another twist with broken relationships and anti-American sentiments. His slogan, making America strong again may translate into the use of expression might makes right just as the UK is re-considering their nuclear capability. Mr. Trump celebrated Brexit because it favors his ideals for the world crisis. What this would mean for the world peace is yet to be explained better by experts of the international politics.

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