First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Hon. Hillary F. Clinton for getting the votes required for the nomination as Democrats flag-bearer! The time has come for the world to see a woman in the topmost leadership. It has nothing to do with favor but it has much more to show a case on human equality. It is not to say that women are better than men. What is so important is to admit that women are not inferior or lesser beings. If a woman deserves holding the top leadership, why not, let it be so without any feeling of inferiority or superiority. We are all created and born equal in rights and dignity. I do believe personally that women are more resilient and to some extent, more loving than men.
There is a say which goes: Give a woman a smile, she will give you love; give a woman a house, she will give you a home; give a woman presidency, she will make it be what it ought to be! May be this say is on the extreme side but what is of essence, women have an extra sense about management. A woman is generally motherly. Leading a nation such as America there is sense of looking at issues with motherly attention. A mother shall listen and look at issues with love and patience. Men usually think in terms of might and sometimes lose sight of certain ideals.
There is nothing bad in choosing a woman. Rather, women have made so much contribution in the field of leadership. The Chancellor Angel Merkel of the Federal Republic of Germany has been outstanding in her leadership and her position on migrants from Syria. There is no doubt that she has done more than many men leaders in her position would have done. She has done it better. Her Excellency Sirleaf of Liberia has demonstrated a unique leadership for a nation that has just emerged from serious civil warfare that left hundreds of thousands dead, injured and wounded; millions displaced, thousands of millions poor and hopeless. She has managed to restore hope in them in peculiar way. There are many other women leaders whose leadership has been outstanding. This does not exclude some women who have also blundered and failed to meet the expectations. However, affirmative action has made it possible to appreciate change.
Brazil and Argentina have had female Heads of State. There are many successful women in command and most of them have done wonderful and splendid job.
Time is now ripe for the Americans to elect woman for the topmost office in the world. Hillary has all it takes to hold the position and perpetuate her dreams for such a great nation. Her wisdom shall make enormous contribution not only to America but to the world.
Unlike her competitor Mr. Trump, Hillary is sober and more knowledgeable of the world realities. She is wiser in choosing her words and language. She is composed and outstanding with wide experience in the public administration. She has been a successful Secretary of State in the history of America.
I have a dream that USA will go for a woman presidency for the first time. History will be made as women shall climb to powerful positions and make contributions and solution to world problems. Her Honour Golda Meir, the once powerful Prime Minister of Israel is a sign that people are gifted differently and a woman can perform great work in leadership. Her time came when Israel had the most difficult time but her wisdom was outstanding.
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