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Legal practice going global

Legal globalization has made it possible to think of practising law beyond national borders. Get it right from me. In Kenya, we have a lot to do with nationals from other countries living and working in Kenya. We have natural persons and corporates with international legal personality. A successful lawyer today must prove to know the latitude of law as required by the dictates of legal globalization. It is in this trend that those who study law will be able to fit in the most needed law market. Stop being local, go global…and take comparative international law.
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Dr. Peter Onyango O. is one of our main contributors. He is a senior law lecturer, a writer, a consultant, peace ambassador, and a researcher. He assists so many professionals, legal minds, and debaters with his skills and scholarly wealth! He supports children and village community as a way of giving back to community. He edits, proof reads, and publishes various articles for our page!


  1. we need lawyer who know laws in other countries and not limited to work only in their countries.

    • This is a great comment… people serving the justice system must be open minded and ethically up-to the international best practice requirements.

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