Mr. Julian Assange has been a man under siege for espionage regulations in the USA. But his invention of leaks is becoming a very popular whistle blowing tool. The recent Panama Papers discovery is a credit to Assange. He has enabled the world to get into some top secret information including how world celebrities and leaders hide their money in Panama using Panama Papers company to avoid taxes. Wow! There is no evil without some good attached to it. The Cable leaks that made Assange look like a bad guy in the international relations system may turn now to be a software that may help in fighting world graft. This blog is willing to share this story with the readers with some particular interest in Kenya.
During the official presentation of the President of Kenya in Parliament on the state of the nation, he mentioned that Kenya is losing in tune of 1.6 billion of shillings in corruption. He showed the determination of his administration to fight graft and even perhaps to recover what has been stolen. Still am wondering how many Kenyans will appear in the list of Panama Papers Scandal?
If it is true that the Kenyan government shall manage to recover the stolen public fund I am sure the following problems shall be solved. There will be more employment for the youth, teachers shall be paid what they merit and require to deliver quality services, there shall be enough doctors in the country, there shall be more security, there shall be more better roads to link remote areas, and in addition, Kenyans will enjoy more social welfare.
Corruption is a serious economic crime that has captured the world attention and cannot be wished away.
There must be some legislation protecting the rights of whistle blowers in Kenya. A whistle blower is someone who has offered himself or herself to protect the common good without vested interest. However, the perpetrators of corruption must face justice. The judicial institutions and other law enforcers must take it upon themselves that corruption is not only evil but also criminal and unlawful. It is the time for Kenya to subscribe to wikileaks and perhaps to invite Mr. Assange to develop a national wikileaks network to assist in detecting tendencies of corruption and assist the office of the DPP and EACC.
Corruption is evil but it has developed Kenya in a way… Most of the wealth received through corruption has been re-invested into the Kenyan economy. Dr. Mutunga called it “bandit economy” but it is exactly to say that money received through corruption is usually pumped into the economy. This is what I mean by saying that there is some correlative good in every evil. What is at stake is to weigh out which is which? As a people we must resolve to denounce evil and embrace the good in case of corruption for it denies us our natural rights.
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