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Manifest and latent effect of Obama’s audacity for Africa

In 2004, the then the 44th President of the United States of America, Mr, Barrack H. Obama made a speech that defined his presidency. He used his communication skills to ensure to the large American society that there is only one United States of America, an audicity of hope that all Americans wanted to hear. My question is, will President Obama do the same to the divided Kenyans? Kenya is a very divided society. Kenya is divided along ethnic lines, along racial lines, along social class lines and along religious lines. Now the same Kenya is divided along county lines and so on. If President Obama convinced the Americans of the unifying values that people are badly in need of, then he can as well do the same to the land he referred to as his father’s land. Many Americans did not know much about Kenya and to make ti worse, about Kogello village deep in Siaya. Now speaking to the American public about Kenya, Alego Kogello and Siaya, is no news.
It is my prediction that President Barrack Obama will have a clear message to the Kenyan political leadership. Guess what, Obama still believes that Kenya could be better than what it is. This is a country where his father, Barrack Obama senior came from. President Obama understands Kenya very well and if he wills, he will definitely send a strong message to Kenyan politicians. As he managed to beat all odds and make it to the strongest office on earth, he will convince Kenyans that any Kenyan, despite his political party or class or tribe, can become an effective leader.
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