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Cyber-crime has finally joined a new warfare

Cyber crime kills and ruins business everywhere!

We are all victims of the digital technology anyway!

That we live in the digital age is no doubt. It sounds as a scientific fiction but the reality is that we are surrounded by a world of technology and there is no more privacy. The latest generation of mobile phone hand-set can detect your details without your knowledge and transmit such data to whoever is spying on you. This software technology has put the security of persons in serious tragedy and this blog is willing to share this story with readers.

In Nairobi, there are serious cases of aliens that have been persuaded by their internet friends only to realize they have been exposed to serious threats and crimes. Social media chatting is now taking charge of lives of many people around the world. Such chats end up into computer perpetrated crimes that governments are not able to regulate through their analogical legal systems. Surveillance systems installed in the city of Nairobi are used by some officers to track down their victims and extrajudicial killings have increased under the pretext of killing thugs, or the killer is not known. The new digital surveillance is creating lots of fear among people. This is a true violations and invasion into personal privacy rights that can amount to serious warfare, the cyber-war. Now the disappearances of persons can be explained by this reading.

As much as USA and China are leading the world in Cyber warfare, other nations are going to be shocked of their direct or indirect involvement. Use of drone has been condemned for targeted killing that ends up destroying civilians more than the enemy. Such hi-tech weapons are dangerous for human life and the future warfare will be between humans and robots. Such machines are not subjected to any legal system and cannot be prosecuted by any existing law.

As we are getting more confused in the world of technology, software such as Whatsapp, Selfies, Spyware, and many other weapons are on our tips. Identity and data thefts are on the rise. Some developing countries are caught up in crossfire as they import such software without learning the secrets behind them. High technology is making people slaves who are just there to serve the purpose of another one. This is a total confusion in the digital technology.

Humanity is threatened. Survival is unpredictable as an enemy can strike any time when the prey does not expect atorvastatin 20 mg. As many more people are moving to towns, cities and proscribed urban areas, security tussle is becoming a serious headache for the intelligence and police officers. As much as we believe that our courts are well equipped with such knowledge, it is true that many court officers know practically nothing, or rather, some judges are clueless about the new computer perpetrated crimes.

This scenario is creating another way of reading law and understanding the justice system. The world is in constant revolution and legal systems cannot afford remaining in the ancient understanding of justice. Countries such as Kenya are caught with their pants down while the rest of the world is seeking how to have inclusive approach to the knowledge of law. The academic institutions must engage with the digital world.

The worst scenario is 2015 national examination leakage that took the Cabinet Minister with a big shock. Candidates had seen all the exam questions before the exam date. Schools had access through internet of exam questions and could derail the integrity of the exam system using the technology.

Kenya hurried too fast to adopt digital monetary policies including mobile banking and money transfer. The digital technology involving money transactions in a society not trained and tuned to uphold it is dangerous. Several people lose their savings in piracy, harking and fraud. Digital technology has become another innovative way of committing serious crimes.

It is now to emphasize on how to intermarry, law, science and technology. The process shall take the developing world some time but it worth the cause. The funds spent on education sector especially in the legal education is not lost. Writings are on the wall that many developing countries are going to be increasing vulnerable and susceptible to modern technology. Governments must re-consider building the capacity of citizens and enabling their citizens to benefit from the technology without becoming the targets.

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