We are all looking forward to the global meeting of 18th July 2016 in Nairobi organized by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. This is a meeting of its own kind that should wake up some sensibility among the multitude of youth and leaders alike. Such forum meant to invigorate the youth world-wide and particularly in Africa, the youth should have the voice in the economic concerns of the present and the future. The youth should be empowered to hold governments accountable for the resources borrowed.
As much as we insist on sustainable development and the slogan: “Move from decision to action”, it is critical to think of policies and decisions. Do we really have government sponsored policies that will make this happen in Kenya given the way we do things? The new Companies Act 2016, the Climate Change Act 2016 and many others are critical documents that should make it possible for informed youth to get into the world-wide trade web if well managed.
Whenever one speaks of the youth it is necessary to consider the quality of education, family up-bringing and capacity. Who is aware that some part of the youth today are the lost lot? Who is aware that trade in drugs and narcotics in Kenya has rendered many youth inept to handle their dreams? Who is not aware that Nairobi is hosting youth from all corners of the country who are jobless and desperate? It is going to be great to look at policies on youth development.
There is also concern about capacity of the youth to adjust to the new world trends and fit within the trade. Such changes should take into account socio-economic dynamics and socio-psychological consequences. Kenya has many educated persons who are not well utilized to ensure that problems affecting the youth are well addressed by professionally prepared and informed persons.
It is one thing to have great technical words such as youth forum but one should question what happened after last year Forum for Young Entrepreneurs that was held in Nairobi? After such big talks there is no proper policy backed framework to move from talk to action.
It is crucial to take into account dramatic revolution taking place in our environment and caused by climate change process. Even trade is changing. Commodities and youth aspirations are changing as well. Is there any proper research based and policy backed knowledge on climate change and adaptation?
Youth have been used as political tool in Kenya in the campaigns but in the final analysis almost nothing is done to ensure that they get properly assisted.
If you want to tell about the future of any given society, look at the youth. Youth come from families and families must also be considered. Neglecting the family rights and insisting on the policies on the youth is like starting to climb a tree from top. Kenya must address its social injustices exhaustively and come up with strong decisions and good policies that can make its vision 2030 sustainable. I personally believe that the potential for any development depends on how the youth are prepared and mentored visit our website.
Assi Agency Limited has rolled out career development for young graduates and we encounter serious problems that are linked to the families of the youth. Many young persons lack a good social culture and they end up doing some things that are odd to their aspirations. National politics is another factor that must be addressed. How are leaders behaving in public? It is as though we think of the youth as a magic stick that shall make change happen.
Another point, is that whenever a youth gets access to an earning job, what comes into mind is good life, meaning a posche car. But listen, we need to nurture the youth in a proper way so to understand the macro economy of the country before thinking that linking the youth to world-wide trade is the solution. It is important to reduce joblessness and increase occupations but with security measures in place.
Kenya lacks a system for its human resources. There are no serious agencies that can link a job seeker to any job vacancy in Kenya. There is no system that enables equal opportunities and rights to access jobs as many end up doing odd and less earning jobs. The government should consider a subsidy meant to enable sectors such as farming. The government should be serious about fight against graft and ensure that youth funds are placed in a better way. It can do this also through corporate and ensure that banking institutions and insurance companies adopt a common strategy to enable all youth to access employment.
Remember that in Kenya people pay for jobs which sometimes they don’t get. This should be prohibited by having a system in place.
Trade Union sector must also be streamlined in this youth agenda. I think some Trade Union leaders are too old for the job and certain bureaucracy has become irrelevant with time. The trade union movement has done great things in Kenya but it requires strategic reforms at the same time. Politics must also change. It is unhelpful to take the youth where you want and not where they want to go. It is our wish to thank Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, the Secretary General of the UNCTAD for his good effort and courage to engage the youth in the global issues.
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  1. International borrowing that is not properly managed and well utilized is scaring. The truth about Bond market is on interests and profits. Borrowed money must be paid back with interests. The investors are interested in their interests and nothing less. African countries are struggling to service their debts as they put efforts on development. International borrowing is posing serious concern to the extent of making Africa vulnerable in many ways. You can’t borrow money to spend on services as Kenya does.
    Globalization has started getting into problems in Europe and America – people are very angry. There is anger and fear about social and economic securities world-wide. But globalization is there to stay, at least for a while.
    East Africa regional negotiation was started for economic benefit in the region. Economic Partnership Agreement is going to put pressure on Kenya to address concerns of Tanzania and Uganda as players. Reason being, the larger you are the more you negotiate better in the world financial market and the fewer you are the lesser you can negotiate.
    UNCTAD is an opportunity for Kenya and the entire African region. The economy shall benefit from investors. Youth Forum – Agenda 2030 collective commitment in the world – everybody must have access to commodities, decent housing, and access to services. The youth are the owners of the future and must hold the government to account for what it spends. Resolution of the civil society and youth will be taken into consideration in the final document.

    • You are very right on understanding that the economic potentiality relies on the youth today. If states borrow too much and waste such borrowed money in politics, likely, it is the youth today that will bear the brunt tomorrow. What the youth can do to put pressure on their governments is wise. Politicians come and go while the state remains. It is not right to be naive and just be passive spectators of the economy.

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